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Property Investment Strategies You Won’t Normally Hear

November 7, 2014
The conventional wisdom used to be: Pay off your mortgage as soon as you can. Retire with a paid for home. Some personal finance writers still believe that. I used to believe it too, but not any…

The Paradox Of Success

November 5, 2014
It’s one of the many paradoxes of success I reckon – to be successful you need to be able to stand on your own. You need resilience and an ability to self-start. But it’s also incredibly…
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Get Into Your Ve-hicle podner

October 7, 2014
To create wealth you’ve got to have a vehicle. Some means by which you are going to create money. I’ve personally chose two: business and property. The first feeds the second. One…
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Success leaves traces

September 30, 2014
You’ve heard the saying “Success Leaves Traces” right? It’s one of those ideas that dates right back to Napoleon Hill and even further. In fact Think and Grow Rich was…